10 July 2014
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10 July 2014,

Jared is an amazing inspiration to many in the Lehigh Valley and we are proud to have him as a patient of Harry J Lawall & Son’s.  Today we are joining the many voices in the valley celebrating his high school graduation from Parkland High School, where he walked across the stage on Monday, June 9th.  This was a goal he set for himself and spent 3 years working diligently with the therapists of Good Shepard to achieve it.  And as Jared walked the crowd stood and cheered and those who love him most were overcome with pride and joy!

Over the past five years, Emily Miller, CO, has been working with Jared, making him DAFOs, and encouraging him as he encourages others.  The goal of the braces is to maintain Jared’s ROM at his ankle and help him ambulate safely. Jared is the kind of young man who makes the best of every situation and positively faces every challenge as they arise. He has CP, more specifically primary dystonia, and this has made it very hard to control his movements and has often resulted in involuntary spasms.   However, he informed his family and Emily that he refused to let this prevent him from walking across the stage to receive his diploma – this was a milestone he wanted to complete on his own, in the same way his fellow seniors were doing it.

Over the past few years Jared has been an inspiration to many in the Lehigh Valley.  He is known for his work and volunteering with pediatric centers and organizations in the Lehigh Valley and beyond, where he donates his time and very often Christmas and birthday gifts for children in need.   When asked about Jared, Emily brightens up and says, “I have worked with Jared for years, but sometimes I feel like I’m the patient, as I always leave inspired and with a sense that he knows more of the big picture.   Jared is constantly thinking of others and trying to do things to alleviate their suffering or bring a smile with one of his hugs.  I am so proud of him and honored to work with him.”

Some of the organizations Jared is involved in include Mikayla’s Voice, Camelot for Children, The Miracle League of Lehigh Valley, Angel 34, Good Shepherd Pediatric Inpatient Hospital, Lehigh Valley Hospital, and The Cancer Foundation of Lehigh Valley.

On Saturday, June 28th, Emily had joined Jared’s family, friends, and large fan group, to cheer him on in Mikayla’s Voice Tri For Inclusion, a triathlon where both children and adults of ALL abilities can race together.  It is a wonderful opportunity to cheer for all of the athletes and celebrate fitness for everyone.  All of us at Harry J Lawall & Son were there in spirit cheering him on!

Click here to see a Jared receiving his diploma.

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