15 April 2019

An Educationally Fun Weekend!

15 April 2019,

An Educationally Fun Weekend! This weekend was a great success! OPAF and Lawall teamed up and offered 2 courses to therapists, practitioners, and patients. […]

28 March 2019

Matt’s new Ossur Running Legs!

28 March 2019,

Matt is running on his new legs made by Harry Lawall. The prosthetic feet are Ossur’s Flex Run Feet! Great Job Matt! Looking Great!

12 March 2019

Brandon Kucowski: Limited Mobility Can’t Limit His Horizons

12 March 2019,

Imagine trying to play a game of charades with your hands tied, wearing a gag, and you may have some idea of the frustrations […]

15 February 2019

April 6th and 7th Lawall is hosting OPAF courses for therapists and amputees!

15 February 2019,

Lawall will be hosting a 5 credit CCU course with OPAF. April 6th in Elkins Park, PA and April 7th in Princeton, NJ. The […]

1 October 2018

Join Us! Limb Loss Education Day!

1 October 2018,

The Amputee Coalition is hosting a Limb Loss Education Day in our area. On Saturday October 6th at the Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation.  The […]

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