10 June 2015
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10 June 2015,

Protective Face Masks for Athletes

Photo3The face is one of the most vulnerable parts of the body due to a lower amount of muscular protection as a result of this approximately, 11-40% of sports injuries involve the face (Chao, 2014). Facial masks are becoming more prevalent among athletes. They are being used for patients of all ages from elementary school children to professional athletes. There are a myriad of reasons an individual may require a protective facemask some of which are facial fractures, lacerations, and reconstructions. Facemasks can protect a patients face after reconstructive surgery or allow a patient to continue to play the sport they love while the healing process continues.

At Lawall, we take pride in our custom facemasks. We work with your physician to ensure the area of concern is properly protected. We also work with our patients to ensure each custom mask fits comfortably and maximizes visibility. Our in house fabrication lab enables us to provide our patients with their custom masks within 24 hours of being seen in our office as needed. The fabrication process starts with our specialist taking an impression of the patient’s face where they take care to achieve the optimal mold. The mold is then sent to our lab for fabrication. Once the mask is complete the patient is scheduled for an intensive fitting to access and optimize the fit of the mask. Our patients have loved their facemasks and have been able to return to an uninhibited high level of activity upon receiving their masks. For more information or a free consultation call our office at 800-735-4627.

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