Lawall is excited to announce we are having a FREE pediatric course with for 4 CEU credits.

Sure Steps Director of Education Steve Kulifaj, will be presenting the course called “Orthotic Tools For Maximizing Therapeutic Outcomes In the Neuromuscular Pediatric Population.”

Check out the links below or the Lawall website for more information:

April 17th 4-8pm Princeton, NJ

April 18th Philadelphia Morning Course:

April 18th Philadelphia Evening Course:

April 19th Mount Laurel NJ 4:30-8:30:

The Importance Of Our Continuing Education Programs

Like all fields within the medical industry, the world of orthotics and prosthetics continue to evolve and change as new discoveries are made, new advances in technology are presented, and new tools are created. At Lawall, we believe in offering continuing education credits to our practioners and others in the rehabilitation field who want to stay current with new advances. Our continuing education programs are designed to improve the level of success our patients’ experience. Prosthetists, and orthotists as well as therapists and physicians can all benefit from these programs, which are regularly hosted at our facilities.

We offer a variety of different topics within these programs, each one focusing on a differentcontinued-education aspect of treatment. Subjects include:

  • New Technological Developments
  • Updated concepts
  • Innovative and Advanced Rehabilitation Techniques
  • Refresher courses on basic orthotic and prosthetic concepts

Our clinics host seminars, technical workshops, and continuing education courses that are each taught by leaders in the field. Both orthotic and prosthetic courses are offered several times throughout the calendar year.

Additionally, many of our continuing education courses offer participants qualifying CEUs, letting you become a true expert in the subject at hand.

Today’s technological advances have done great things for patients living with an orthosis or prosthesis, and it’s important that you keep yourself knowledgeable about all of the latest developments. At Lawall, we believe in a team-based approach to all patient care. That extends beyond the exam room and into making sure that our partners – physicians, therapists, and more – are all aware of what we can do for patients. We also want to ensure that others in the field have access to the best tools and techniques for their patients, which is why our continuing education programs are open to everyone in the industry.

We have provided exemplary care for our patients for over 35 years, and continue to innovate in any way we can. Offering these continuing education programs is just one more way we believe we can impact the lives of everyone in need of an orthosis or prosthesis.

If you want to learn more about upcoming seminars or workshops, don’t hesitate to email us for more information or check out our latest news. It’s the first step towards making sure your patients get the kind of care they deserve no matter what their situation may be.

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