15 April 2019
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15 April 2019,

First Stride 5

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An Educationally Fun Weekend!

This weekend was a great success! OPAF and Lawall teamed up and offered 2 courses to therapists, practitioners, and patients. On Saturday, we covered First Things First- Falls and Recovery. The fear of falling is real and scary. Unfortunately, if you ask a room full of people who has fallen at some point in their life, all hands will go up! The incidence of falls is higher in the older population and higher in individuals with limb loss. So, what is the best way to tackle your fear and help prevent injury in case of a fall. PRACTICE IT!

This is exactly what we did on Saturday. During the morning session therapists and practitioners went over information critical to fall prevention and the importance of outcome measures. We also went over techniques that will help you land safely when falling and strategies to get up once you have fallen down.

In the afternoon, volunteer patients joined the group. In a safe setting they were able to practice falling, as well as strategies to get back onto their feet. It was helpful for all parties involved to work through various situations and come up with a solution.

On Sunday, the First Stride course took place in Princeton, NJ. During the lecture session of the course Chris Doerger, PT and CP covered assessment techniques, therapeutic exercise, and postural education. She discussed prosthetic componentry and how the selected componentry for a prosthesis will affect the type of gait training needed.

After lectures, patients joined us for lunch and some hand- on training. Patients were given the opportunity to practice walking, navigating tight figure 8 turns, side stepping, and walking up onto a step while maintaining their balance. They were also shown some exercises they could do at home to work on muscle strengthening and conditioning.

Lawall would like to thank all the therapists and patients who shared their weekend with us! It was a great couple of days and we hope to have more events just like this in the Future!


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