29 March 2016
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29 March 2016,

Limb Loss Awareness month is the time of year set aside to raise awareness about the limb loss community and empower those going through the journey limb loss. Each day 500 people undergo limb loss. The Amputee Coalition is a national organization working to support those affected by limb loss.
On April 20th the Amputee Coalition of America is holding a “Hill Day” in Washington D.C. where the voice of amputees will be unified. They are organizing meetings with elected officials to discuss issues like insurance fairness for amputees and improving access to prosthetic and custom orthotic care, funding for research and programs that improve the lives of amputees, and changes to the Local Coverage Determination Process. For more information on how to participate in this day go to http://www.amputee-coalition.org/events-programs/limb-loss-awareness-month.
Saturday April 23rd is designated as “SHOW YOUR METTLE DAY.” Amputees are encouraged to proudly wear and show their prosthetic and/or assistive device. The concept is to show your mettle, which is “the ability to cope well with difficulties or to face a demanding situation in a spirited and resilient way.”

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