1 July 2015

“Will I Be Able to Continue Playing Sports?” Thirteen-Year-Old Faces the Realities of Amputation

1 July 2015,

FROM SUMMER 2015 ISSUE (NEWSLETTER) In the summer of 2011, 13-year-old Larry Jackson, Jr. of Boothwynn, PA sprained his ankle while playing baseball. It […]

30 June 2015

Keep Swinging Bruce!!

30 June 2015,

Keep Swinging Bruce!! Lawall patient, Bruce Brensinger, a Vietnam Veteran from Pottstown got back on the golf course for the first time since his […]

10 June 2015

Protective Face Masks for Athletes

10 June 2015,

Protective Face Masks for Athletes The face is one of the most vulnerable parts of the body due to a lower amount of muscular […]

1 May 2015

Robert Whartenby: Attitude Is Everything

1 May 2015,

FROM SPRING 2015 ISSUE (NEWSLETTER) What type of individual is quoted in his medical chart as replying “all things considered doing pretty well” as […]

26 April 2015

Lawall is Hiring!

26 April 2015,

Lawall is Hiring…. Harry J. Lawall & Son is looking for an orthotic technician and reimbursement and billing specialists as well. As a company, […]