30 December 2014
30 December 2014,

Harry J. Lawall and Son Inc.

Martin Bionics and the “Bikini Hip Prosthesis”

January 12th and 13th, 2015
Monday 1/12/15: Open to Prosthetists
Tuesday 1/13/15: Open to Physical Therapists beginning at 1 pm
(credits not available)

Please RSVP to Ann Lawall at ann.lawall@lawall.com




Lawall Hosts Educational Seminar on the Bikini of Hip Sockets

Martin Bionics has developed new technology on socket design for hip disarticulation prostheses. It is called the Bikini of Hip Sockets because of its low profile and lightweight design. This new socket allows patients to use iliac crest stabilizers instead of the typical bucket design used in current hip disarticulation prostheses. Lawall prosthetists will be trained in this new socket design on January 12-13th. While this design may not be ideal for all patients, Lawall believes our practioners should always be knowledgeable in new prosthetic designs and technology. The second half of the course will be applicable to physical therapists and therefore we have opened the door to any therapist interested in learning about this exciting new socket design. For more information see the flyer below.

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