9 February 2018
9 February 2018,

Lawall has teamed up with OPAF for 2018.  OPAF is an organization dedicated to helping patients get back to doing the things they enjoy.  They offer “First” clinics throughout the country and bring in experts to help patients learn to adapt and learn to swim, golf, dance, climb, bike, or anything else you could think of!

Lawall will be hosting a “First Step” clinic for all amputees interested, regardless of who made their prosthesis or where they are in their rehabilitation journey.  A 5.5 CEU course will be offered to PTs in the AM.  The hands on and classroom instruction will be provided by Shelia Clemens a Ph.D, PT.  Amputees will be given the opportunity to get instruction from trained professionals.

Lawall is excited to kick off our first event with OPAF and look forward to offering more opportunities for amputees throughout the year.  See more information on the course and how to register on the flyer below.


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