Augustine Cut-Off is one of Lawall’s three Delaware locations. This office is conveniently located to make it easier for our patients to reach us and get the quality prosthetic and orthotic solutions they need.

It is staffed by highly skilled professionals in the field. Our team has an average of 15 years’ experience, and our prosthetic and orthotic experts regularly attain certifications in the latest technologies and newest techniques available. We believe in offering our patients the best care and the best devices possible, every time.

We have practioners who specialized in all areas of the field. No matter what age, activity level, or goals you have we will be able to help. Our experts have a passion for their specialty and take great pride in the level of patient care they provide. As a parent you can be assured your child is receiving the best care possible. We help infants, toddlers, older children, and teenagers with a wide range of issues and our pediatric care is unmatched.

Our Augustine Cut-Off location also allows us to provide our patients with the type of continued care every patients needs. Our local team sits in on physical therapy sessions and consults with your physicians to ensure that your progress is going the way it should. Working with our patients’ care team is essential in providing the best care and achieving the best outcome.

An orthosis or prosthesis needs to be monitored, cared for, and adjusted from time to time in order for it to work properly. With our local location we can easily keep track of how your device is working and whether or not it needs to be modified or replaced. The Augustine Cut-off office is fully staffed and capable of addressing any issues that may arise. This location makes it convenient for our patients to schedule appointments. Convenience is important, and we strive to provide it to our patients.

Lawall is always ready to accept new patients of all ages. If you’re one of the many who call the Wilmington area home, we’re here to help you when you need us. Our Augustine Cut-Off location can be reached at:

1822 Augustine Cut-Off
Wilmington, DE 19803
Phone (302) 427-3668
Fax (302) 427-3682
Email –