Lawall’s Pottstown, PA location is conveniently located to serve the entire Pottstown area. We understand that having a facility located nearby is important to you. Convenient access to quality care will make the process of rehabilitation easier, and that’s why over the last 35 years we’ve taken the time to open multiple facilities throughout the northeast.

Our Pottstown location is staffed with ABC certified orthotists and prosthetists who believe in giving our patients the kind of care and attention they need. We understand no two patients are the same, which is why are practioners are trained to meet the needs of all our patients. We not only work with adults but pediatric patients as well. Our pediatric experts are able to overcome the unique challenges that arise when creating a pediatric prosthesis or orthosis.

Lawall is proud of our Pottstown facility, and it is home to some of our most experienced experts in the field. We work closely with local physicians and therapists to ensure our patients achieve the most optimal outcomes possible. Our team regularly sits in on physical therapy sessions and schedules multiple follow up visits to provide continued care to those in need.

While we continue to serve our existing patients, new patients are always welcome. Our priority is to give each patient the best care possible, and the individualized attention they deserve.

To reach us in our Pottstown location, patients can visit, call, fax, or email us at the following:
Sunny Brook Village
800 Heritage Drive, Suite 803
Pottstown, PA 19464
Phone (610) 705-5797
Fax (610) 705-5795
Email –

We know that it can be difficult adjusting to life with a prosthesis or orthotic device. That’s why we staff our facilities with the best in the field. We provide quality care at all of our locations including the Pottstown facility, and with one visit you’ll see the difference Lawall’s reputation is built upon.