When you need an orthosis or prosthesis, you shouldn’t have to travel hours to get the kind of care and quality deserve. Follow up visits and continued care is a major part of any device, the closer you are to your practitioner the better. That’s why Lawall has made it our mission to bring quality orthotic and prosthetic care to the Abington area.

Located on North Easton Road, our Willow Grove facility has all of the hallmarks that have made Lawall such a trusted name in the orthotic and prosthetic field. The facility offers a full range of services including molding, fitting, adjustment, follow up care, pediatric care, and more. Everything you need can be done in this office, you will not have to be sent elsewhere.

Lawall practioners are fully accredited and experienced professionals in the field and our team has an average of 15 years’ experience with orthotic and prosthetic care. Whether you need a spinal or an upper or lower extremity device, we can help provide you with the best device for your needs.

At Lawall, we believe in using the latest technology for every patient. Today’s devices are lighter and stronger. While not everyone will need a custom fit, our team at our Willow Grove location is fully capable of creating a custom prosthesis or orthosis for any patient in any situation.

Our centralized location is conveniently located right down the road from Abington Hospital and just off the Pennsylvania turnpike. Monitoring your progress and your device regularly is the best way to ensure you’re getting the results you deserve. Whether you are adjusting to life with a prosthesis, recovering from an injury, or dealing with a life long disability, our team makes sure you get the adjustments you need when you need them. This is especially important in our pediatric patients, who regularly outgrow their prosthesis or orthosis and need a new one as they age.

If you need a local prosthetic or orthotic specialist, our Willow Grove location is ready to serve you. We happily accept new patients. You can reach us for an appointment or for more information on what we can do for you at:

701 North Easton Road
Willow Grove, PA 19090
Phone – (215) 657-3344
Fax – (215) 657-3742
Email – patient@lawall.com