7 November 2013
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7 November 2013,

Pitambersingh brings more than 5 years of orthotic and prosthetic experience to the widely recognized staff at Lawall

Philadelphia, Pa – Lawall Orthotic & Prosthetic Services is pleased to announce the addition of Mark Pitambersingh, Certified Prosthetist, to its staff of more than 200 across the Delaware Valley.

Pitambersingh brings to Lawall his extensive experience in the orthotic and prosthetic fields, in which he has served several key roles over the last decade.

Most recently, Pitambersingh served as ABC-Certified Prosthetist and Board-Eligible Orthotist at Allied Orthotics and Prosthetics in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, where he was responsible for fitting and training patients in the use of several prosthetic devices, including Rheo knee, C-Leg, and L-Leg Compact. Additionally, Pitambersingh worked closely with new technicians, training them on the fabrication of AFO designs, while also marketing the firm’s services to hospitals, physicians and rehabilitation centers.

“We are excited for Mark Pitambersingh to join our talented teams at Lawall Orthotics and Prosthetics,” said Wayne Lawall, CPO president at Lawall. “Mark’s skills and expertise have already made a difference at care centers across the nation, and in the lives of their patients. He will make a great addition to our staff, and we are proud to have him on our staff.”

Pitambersingh holds a Bachelor of Health Science in Prosthetics and Orthotics from California State University. He has also received extensive, ongoing professional training and continuing education via several prominent industry seminars and courses.
Prior to Allied Orthotics and Prosthetics, Pitambersingh was resident prosthetist at the University of Oklahoma, where he evaluated, designed and fit the majority of prostheses at the university’s Orthotic and Prosthetic Section/VA Medical Center.

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