A Look At The Orthotic Process.

There’s much more to being fit with an orthoisis than just walking into an exam room and leaving with a brace. Our practitioners understand that individual patients deserve individualized care, and we provide it throughout every step of the orthotic process. There are a few basic things you can expect to occur after your doctor prescribes an orthosis, and learning the basics behind them can help you relax as you enter the orthotic process.

Here’s a quick look at the basic steps involved in getting your orthotic device.

Evaluation – We begin by taking a look at your situation. An orthosis is used for a number of different reasons including things like managing chronic disease, overcoming injuries, recovering from surgery, and more. Ourorthotics-process practitioners will consider your situation along with factors like your age, your weight, activity level, and more to determine which orthotic device is right for you.

Consultation – When you need an orthosis, more than likely you will have a team of professionals working with you. Your physical therapist, your physician, and your family members are all important parts of your recovery team, and we work closely with each of them to make sure that you get the exact kind of care that you deserve. We’ll also spend time explaining everything about the orthotic device to you including how it works, how you should use it, and how to care for it properly.

Fitting – Once our professionals have decided which orthotic device is right for you, we’ll fit you for it and provide more detailed instructions on its use. The fit of your device is vital for successful treatment, so we’ll make sure it works perfectly for you.

Continued Care – We don’t stop providing care once you have been fit with the orthosis and leave our office.  Continued care is a vital part of successful orthotic use, therefore we schedule follow up appointments to make sure you’re getting the best results from your device. If adjustments are needed, we will address them promptly. We will always answer all of your questions and help ensure that not only is your device working the proper way but you feel comfortable with it.

Recovery can take a long time in situations where an orthosis is needed, and we believe that standing by our patients throughout the entire orthotic process is an integral part of their recovery. By providing the best devices, the right kind of continued care, and by working with your entire care team, we’ll work hard to ensure you reach your recovery goals and get back to your life.

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