After you’ve been fitted for an orthotic device and leave our office, you’ll have numerous challenges ahead of you. Living with an orthosis can be difficult at first,because you have to adjust to life with your device and what it means. But our team will be by your side throughout your recovery – and so will your team of rehabilitation therapists, physicians, and your family. You aren’t going through recovery alone, and with help you’ll find that living with orthotics is an adjustment you can make.

orthotics-living-with-orthoticsDepending on the nature of your situation you are likely to need rehabilitation. In some cases this will mean doing exercises at home, in others it will mean working with a physical therapist on a regular basis. Usually, it will mean both. We work alongside your entire care team, including your physical and occupational therapist, our practitioners regularly sit in on physical therapy sessions. This means that we’ll be able to closely monitor your situation and ensure that you’re getting the most from your orthotic device.

We schedule regular follow up appointments. This gives us an opportunity to make sure your orthosis is fitting the way it should and allows us make any adjustments to it that may be needed. We can also answer any questions or address any concerns you may have at this point.

Living with an orthosis also requires a bit of maintenance and care on your part. Basic orthotic devices like AFOs will require very little special care, but it’s still important that you keep them clean and in good shape. More complex orthotic devices that use advanced technology could need extra care, particularly those that use motors or electrical impulses. No matter the type of device you’re fitted with, we make sure that you understand how to properly care for your orthosis before you leave. During your follow up visits we’ll take a look and make sure your device is in good shape and that it’s being cared for properly.

We know that living with orthotics can be a big change, and can take some getting used to. We work hard to make sure that the adjustment goes smoothly and that you’re able to enter recovery with the confidence you need to reach your goals. No matter the type of orthosis or why you need it – surgery recovery, injury, or illness – we make sure your recovery goes as smoothly as possible.


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