Properly Caring For The Device

Your recovery begins with the initial evaluation and fitting for your orthotic device, but once you leave our office you’ll need to be sure to take care of your orthosis, as well as of yourself. Caring for the device properly can seem like a chore, but in reality it’s something that you simply can’t afford not to do. Caring for the device is a mustorthotics-living-with-orthotics--caring-for-device for several reasons including the following:

  • It helps ensure that your device works exactly the way it should throughout your recovery period.
  • It prevents injuries from occurring. Problems from improperly cared for devices can be as minor as chaffing or irritation and as major as deformities within the muscular or skeletal structure.
  • It protects your investment in your device.
  • It keeps your recovery moving forward as smoothly as possible.

In other words, caring for the device has a number of benefits that make proper maintenance something you need to do. Of course, each orthosis will have different requirements to keep it working properly. That’s why our team will take steps to ensure that you understand how to use and care for your device before you leave our office.

We’ll provide basic instructions on how to put on and take off your orthosis. Furthermore, we will highlight the extra care steps needed to keep the device working for you throughout your recovery. Cleaning and maintenance will be explained in detail, and if you have any questions or concerns we’ll be sure to answer them before you leave.

We have a strong commitment to continued care. During your follow up visits we’ll monitor your progress, but will also check your orthosis. Our practitioners will look to see if your device is still fitting properly and check to see if it needs any additional maintenance steps. During these visits adjustments will be made and any additional questions you may have will be answered.

Your recovery is important, and we take it very seriously. With that in mind, we work to provide you with the best treatment and the best orthotic devices possible. Properly caring for the device is important and with the right maintenance it will properly care for you as well. It takes a small amount of effort to keep it in good shape, and it’s well worth doing.


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