Lawall is here to assist our patients throughout their entire rehabilitation process. We provide individualized care to every patient. Our primary goal is to increase the mobility of our patients, by fitting them with either a prefabricated orthosis or creating a custom orthosis just for them. A properly fitting orthosis is essential in enabling our patients to function better and return to do their daily activities.

orthotics--rehabilitationPatients come in to receive relief from pain and increase their mobility. We are always here and glad to help no matter what their needs may be. We work very closely with the patient’s entire care team. The team usually includes their physicians, physical and occupational therapists, family members, and caregivers.

There will be follow-up appointments to assure the orthosis is fitting correctly and the patient is obtaining the best results possible. It is important to keep these follow-up appointments and take proper care of the orthotic device. We can provide quick and thorough follow-up reports to all the members of the patient’s care team. If the patient or any member of their care team has any questions regarding the orthotic device, we are always available and happy to assist.

Many patients will benefit from working with a physical and occupational therapist as soon as possible. One of the main focuses of the therapist is to to foster independence throughout the rehabilitation process. They also help the patient achieve the short-term and long-term goals they have set for themselves.

A patient may have limitations on the number of physical or occupational therapy sessions allowed due to their insurance coverage. Knowing this ahead of time will allow the patient and therapist to discuss the most efficient schedule of planned visits. Lawall practioners routinely attend therapy sessions with their patients. We realize the importance of working with the rehabilitation team and strive to help our patients recover as soon as possible.


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