Lower Extremity Orthotic Options

Lower extremity orthotic devices are designed to assist in improving the muscular or skeletal structure of the legs, ankles, knees, andorthotics-lower-extremity feet. There are numerous issues that can cause problems in the lower part of the body, and finding the right orthosis is important. We offer numerous different types of devices for the lower extremity, and our practitioners are experts in determining which is right for you, fitting you for it, and making sure you get the results you need from it.

If you need a lower extremity orthotic device, here are some of the options we could provide.

  • AFO – An ankle-foot orthosis, also called an AFO, is the most common type of orthotic device used today. They’re used to control the motion and the position of the foot and ankle and can help correct deformities, support weakness, and more. We offer plastic AFOs as well as metal, carbon and hybrid AFO options.
  • Knee Brace – A knee brace is used for a variety of reasons ranging from post-surgery care to injury correction or prevention There are numerous types of braces, and our experts can help you get fitted for the one that is right for you.
  • KAFO – The knee-ankle-foot orthosis helps correct the motion in the knee, ankle, and foot. Several issues could be corrected with this device, and it may stop or limit the motion of a particular limb, or assist it. A stance control KAFO is one of the newest advancements in the field of orthotics. It allows the knee to bend during swing phase of the gait cycle, which provides a more normal gait than standard KAFOs. Lawall offers Stance Control KAFOs to patients as well as the standard, conventional KAFO device.
  • HKAFO – This is the hip-knee-ankle-foot orthotic, and it encompasses the entire portion of the lower extremity. Each HKAFOlower-extremity-orthotics will focus on different goals, and is capable of limiting, stopping, or assisting movement in the joints it crosses.
  • Walk Aide – This device is one of the more advanced orthotic options, and it is used for some patients faced with the issue of foot drop. It uses functional electrical stimulation to help improve a patients walking ability.
  • Hip Abduction Brace – This brace is used following corrective hip surgery. It helps prevent damage to the hip and ensures that proper healing occurs in the weeks following your procedure by limiting ROM of the hip.
  • Fracture Brace – The fracture brace is an alternative to casts and is used in situations where a fracture has occurred. They are much lighter than casts. They are a total contact brace that immobilizes the fracture site and promotes proper healing of a bone.


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