A Brief Overview Of Our Services

At Lawall Orthotics and Prosthetics, we provide care for a number of different issues and groups of people. With that in mind, a quick services overview should help provide you with a better idea of just how we can help you. No matter what your age or your situation, our trained professionals can help you.

There are three primary areas of care we specialize in:

  • Prosthetics – Our team of prosthetic specialists believe in using the most advanced technologies to give patients prosthetic devices that match up to their lifestyle. Everyone is different, and that means that there’s nopatient-services single device that will work for everyone. We fit and fabricate prosthetic limbs for the upper or lower extremities, and each of them is designed to match up to your needs, whether they are for athletes, children, or just day to day general use.
  • Orthotics – Orthotics is also a field that demands an individual approach, and our experts believe in providing the best possible level of care in every orthotic situation. We specialize in rehabilitation devices from pediatrics to seniors. Our orthotic devices are made from plastic, metal and plastic, or carbon fiber. Our custom devices are created depending on the patient’s unique needs, if custom device is not needed we also provide ready-to-wear devices, as well. Recent technology has helped change the field of orthotics. Patients now have access to lighter stronger material, electrical stimulation, and smaller more advanced componentry. Our practioners take great pride in being properly educated on all the new advances within the field.
  • Pediatrics – Our pediatric departments are among the most respected in the field. Not only are we able to provide top level prosthetic and orthotic care for all of our young patients, but we also use modern technology to deliver care that was impossible just a few years ago. Tools like the STARscanner system, to treat cranial asymmetry, have changed the way that infants are cared for, and we use nothing but the latest technology to make sure that all of our patients get the care they deserve, no matter their age.

No matter what your age or your health condition, our trained experts can help. We always use a team based approach to care, our patients doctors, therapists and family are always consulted. We know that each patient is an individual that deserves individual treatment, and for over 35 years we’ve provided custom care and custom orthotic and prosthetic devices to everyone who needs them. This brief services overview only touches on the main points of what we offer, and after one appointment you’ll see why we have the solid reputation that we do.


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