Intro Of Pediatric Orthotics

pediatric-orthoticOrthotics are intended to help improve the muscular or skeletal structure of the body. They can be used for a variety of reasons such as assisting in the recovery process following surgery, correcting birth defects, accommodating for muscle weakness due injuries or illness, managing issues like scoliosis or any other number of things. Pediatric orthotics requires a skilled hand as well as patience and understanding. We are proud to admit that our pediatric specialists exhibit all these qualities.

The basic process begins with the initial evaluation, during which our professionals will examine your child, consult with their therapists and physicians. Factors like age, body type, condition, injury or illness, activity level, and more will all play a role in determining which orthotic device is right for your child.

Once the evaluation is complete, your child will be measured and then fit with the orthosis. A good fit is essential in achieving optimal results. Our experts will take the time to ensure the orthosis fits properly and your child is comfortable. Once the fitting is complete, a bit of instruction will follow. It’s important for youorthotics-pediatric and your child to understand how the device works, when to take it off, how to care for and maintain it, how to put it back on properly, and more. When you leave our facility you’ll have a full understanding of the device.

We don’t stop there. Our practitioners fully believe in the importance of continued care. Because of this, they routinely visit and sit in on therapy sessions. We work closely with your child’s rehabilitation team to ensure that proper progress is being made. If adjustments are needed they will always be preformed in a timely fashion.

Regular follow up visits are also made to ensure that your device is being cared for properly and that no adjustments are needed. As children age and grow, a device may not fit the way it should. We recognize those changes and will make any modifications to the orthosis as they are needed.



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