How Our Prosthetics Team Helps Your Childpediatrics

Children who are limb deficient face many more challenges than those who have all of their extremities, but thanks to today’s developments in the creation and fitting of a modern prosthesis it’s much easier to give them back the life they deserve. Our prosthetic team is fully certified and skilled in helping your child regardless of their situation. We complete all phases of prosthetic treatment in house, including the fabrication of the prosthesis. This allows our practitioners to monitor the fabrication of the prosthesis from start to finish. Our team handles everything including:

  • •Initial Consultation
  • Measuring
  • Casting and Molding
  • Fitting Alignment
  • Fabrication
  • Training
  • Follow Up Visits

Our team consists of technicians as well as prosthetists who are all skilled and ready to help. We rely only on the latest technology when choosing a prosthesis for your child, and today’s devices are lighter, stronger, and easier to adjust to than those of the past.

pediatrics-processDuring the initial visit our pediatric specialist will perform an evaluation. This evaluation will include any information from your child’s doctor, to therapists, and entire care team. We will take the time to determine exactly what option is right for your child. After this initial consultation, we start the process of creating the prosthesis. This involves taking precise measurements and a mold for the socket – the point where the device attaches to the extremity. Our team will create the prosthesis that fits your little one perfectly.

A prosthesis is a complicated device – much more complex than many people realize. That’s why our team prides itself on regularly becoming certified in the latest technological breakthroughs. It’s also why we stay in close contact with you, your child, and your child’s care team in the weeks and months following the fitting for their prosthesis. Not only is regular physical therapy a must, but close monitoring of the device is needed as well to ensure your child hasn’t outgrown the prosthesis and to ensure it’s working the way it should.

With the latest technology, close attention to detail, individualized care for all of our patients, and regular continued care, our team has built a reputation for excellence in the field. We’ve provided prosthetic solutions to children for over 35 years, and if your child needs help with the loss of a limb, our team of accredited practitioners is ready to help them and you.


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