Understanding More About Pediatric Prosthetics

A prosthesis for children will come with unique challenges to go along with the standard ones that are always present in the field, and our professional team has pediatric specialists who work with pediatric amputees on a daily basis. Their experience enables them to provide each child with the most appropriate prosthesis regardless of their age or situation.

Malachi RunningThe first step is the initial evaluation. This evaluation will help our pediatric practitioner select componentry for the prosthesis. Whether it is an upper extremity or lower extremity prosthesis there are numerous options for componentry. Our practioners take great pride in being up to date with the latest technology and prosthetic options available. We believe getting the right fit and selecting the correct componentry will have a huge impact on the way a child uses their prosthesis.

After this initial fitting, the challenge of adjusting to life with a prosthesis begins. We realize children can be very sensitive. They are also very adaptable. Each child will adjust differently and at a different pace. It can be difficult to adjust to life with a prosthesis both physically, mentally, and socially. Our team works with your child’s physicians and therapists to ensure that the adjustment process moves as smoothly as it can.

Your child will grow quickly, and just as they outgrow their shoes or jeans they’ll also outgrow their prosthesis. Lower extremity devices in particular need to be closely monitored to ensure that no mobility problems arise. Our team schedules regular follow up visits with your little one. Each visit gives us an opportunity to check your child’s growth and check their prosthesis. If a new device is needed, we can provide them one that works better for their current age, size, or lifestyle.

Today’s prosthetic options go beyond just serving as a barely-adequate replacement for a limb. It’s possible for children to participate in sports, outdoor activities, and nearly any other endeavor they’re interested in thanks to a modern prosthesis. Our team can help find the device that fits them the best and enables them to be a kid.