The Importance Of Continued Care

There are many stages to the prosthetic process, from the initial evaluation through the final fitting. But after the final fitting the continuation of care is an extremely important aspect of the rehabilitation process. Here at Lawall, we don’t believe in just fitting our patients for a prosthetic device, giving it to them, and then forgetting about them.

prosthetic-continued-careContinued care is our commitment to our patients. In the beginning it can be difficult adapting to life with a prosthesis. Adjusting to a prosthetic limb takes time and patience. It is difficult physically, mentally, and emotionally. Our experts believe in regularly working with our patients to ensure that they get the right kind of care.

In addition to helping our patients adjust to life with a prosthesis, our continued care program allows us to routinely check the prosthesis. Our experts spend time with each patient over the months following a prosthetic fitting to ensure that there are no problems with the way the device is working as well as making sure that it is matching up with their needs. If issues arise they are quickly addressed.

We also understand that people change, and what you need from your prosthesis can change as well. Another part of our continued care program is making sure a new prosthetic device isn’t needed – and if it is, making sure that our patients get what they deserve.

Finally, we keep you informed about new developments in the field. Technology is constantly changing the world of prosthetics, and we believe in making sure our patients have access to the latest developments no matter what they may be.

We care about our patients, and that’s why we don’t just ‘fit it and forget it’. We stand by you after you get your prosthesis. We deliver exemplary continued care on an ongoing basis. We think you deserve this kind of commitment, which is why it’s a standard part of how our facilities operate.


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