When a patient begins to wear a prosthesis their entire life changes. We can make that transition much easier. Learning to live with this change can make a huge impact on how the patient sees and feels about themselves. At the beginning they may feel unsure of ever being able to return to their daily activities, that’s why we are here to help restore their confidence by teaching them how to live with their prosthesis.

prosthetics-living-with-prostheticsNot only has the patient’s physical body changed but how the body moves and works as well. This affects how the patient goes about daily activities whether taking care of themselves at home, doing housework, going back to work, or any of their leisure activities. With hard work and determination, the prosthesis will help the patient regain their strength and return to their daily activities again. We provide emotional support and cheer them on every step of the way.

The patient’s prosthesis will need to be checked regularly by our technicians. Adjustments will need to be made due to wear and tear on the prosthesis and also because of changes in the residual limb. For as long as the patient wears the prosthesis, there will always be adjustments.

Taking care of the prosthesis device is very important. Our technicians will instruct the patient on how to take care of the device and if any questions arise, we are always here. Ourliving-with-prosthetics practitioners draw on their their years of experience to help each patient regain their mobility, independence, and confidence.

We are committed to helping each patient through each phase of the rehabilitation process. We are always here to assist each patient as changes occur throughout their lives. We are proud to say that we have helped thousands of patients for over 35 years. They have become a part of our family here at Lawall.

Call us today so we can help restore the mobility, independence, confidence of the patient so they can get back to enjoying life.


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