A Closer Look At Above Knee Prosthetics

One of the most common type of prosthesis is the lower extremity prosthesis, designed to replicate one or both legs. Lower extremity prosthetic devices are typically broken down into two categories – above knee and below knee.

The above knee prosthetic is generally the more complex of the two, since it must replace the function of the knee. We provide high quality above knee prosthetic devices to our patients, using the latest techniques and newest developments in the field. Our combination of modern technology and professional care means that getting the right kind of prosthetic device is much easier.

A number of factors need to be considered when choosing the right prosthetic device, including:

  • Patient Age
  • Patient Weight
  • Residual Limb Size
  • Residual Limb Shape
  • Patient Activity Level
  • Diagnosis and Prognosis

These factors just give us a general picture of our patients. Evaluations from their care team are critical. We always consult ourprosthetics-lower-extremity-above-knee patients, their physicians, therapists and family members, as well. A thorough evaluation and getting to know the individual are critical in creating the most appropriate prosthesis.

Socket design is the most important part of any prosthetic device. Socket design refers to the point where the device interacts with the existing limb. A perfect fit is needed to ensure proper functionality of the device, and our experts take the time to ensure every socket fits properly.

Another important side of above knee prosthetic devices is the rehabilitation process. At Lawall’s we understand a patient’s desire to return to their daily activities. Above knee devices tend to be more difficult to adjust to than below knee devices for most patients, and it can take time to master the art of walking and running with them. Our team of professionals believes in continued care to ensure that you get the rehabilitation needed to return to your life.

This means that we not only spend the time making sure we choose the right device for your lifestyle, but we continually monitor your progress to ensure the proper adjustments are made to maximize your potential with the prosthesis. We work alongside patients, therapists, family members, and physicians to create the right treatment plan and assist in the rehabilitation process completely.

There are many different types of devices available today, and we specialize in many of the most advanced and most reliable including:

  • X3 Water Proof Prosthetic Knee
  • C-Leg
  • Symbionic Leg
  • Genuim Knee
  • Helix 3D Hip Joint System
  • Rheo Knee

No matter how unique your situations is our team is here to help with the highest quality care and the latest prosthetic developments.


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