Those with a prosthesis or orthosis have plenty of challenges they will need to adjust to, but struggling to reach their care provider shouldn’t be one of them. You need and deserve a local, nearby prosthetic and orthotic expert, and our Cherry Hill location provides you with just that. Thanks to its convenient location there’s no need for you to travel hours to reach one of our experts, and you can save time as well as energy while still getting the care you need.

At Lawall, we staff all of our locations with leaders in the field, and our Cherry Hill location is operated by some of the most experienced prosthetists and orthotic specialists in the industry. You’ll get the kind of high-quality, professional service you deserve. Our experts get certified in the latest technological developments to ensure that when you come into our office all options will be available to you.

We’ve spent 35 years providing patients with the care they deserve. We happily accept new patients on a regular basis. If you’re in the Cherry Hill area and are in need of a prosthesis or orthosis, our team is ready to help you. Contact us through the following information to find out more about how we can help.

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Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
Phone (856) 616-1885
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