When you’re making a recovery or adjusting to life with a prosthesis or orthosis, the last thing you need to deal with is a long drive to your medical appointments. Your local physician and physical therapy team are probably close by, and at Lawall we’ve worked hard to ensure that your prosthetic or orthotic specialist is nearby as well. Our Vineland location is conveniently located and offers everything that you would expect from a Lawall facility.

We gladly accept new patients. At Lawall, we always evaluate our patients’ current prosthetic or orthotic device to ensure the fit and function is appropriate. We will also make any adjustments minor or major that may be necessary. We also take the process of fitting you for a new device very seriously, and spend the time needed to ensure you get the right fit and the right device. Our patients’ safety, mobility and comfort are always our top priority

Continued care is a major part of recovery. We set up regular follow up visits, which enable us to monitor your progress and make any adjustments that may be needed. Thanks to the convenience of the location you won’t have to travel far to come for follow up visit.

Our team is also highly experienced at treating children with prosthetic or orthotic needs. We have pediatric experts on staff that specialize in pediatric care. Children are very different from adults and therefore require prosthetists and orthotists with special training. The right orthosis or prosthesis can have a huge impact on a child’s development, and we strive to make sure that your little one always has the right device no matter what their situation is.

Our Vineland location is staffed with some of the best prosthetists and orthotic specialists in the industry, and also features the kind of modern technology that makes it easy to get the high-quality treatment you need. You don’t have to go hundreds of miles to get good care.

If you call the Vineland area home, contact us to set up an appointment. Our commitment to providing high quality devices and excellent customer service was the foundation of our company over 35 years ago. This commitment continues today and has allowed us to expand beyond the Philadelphia area. You can reach us at:

3071 E Chestnut Avenue, Suite C-9
Vineland, NJ 08361
Phone (856) 691-7764
Fax (856) 691-7147
Email – patient@lawall.com