Adjusting to life with an orthosis or prosthesis can be difficult at first, and having the right care team on your side is one of the keys to success. That’s why having your prosthetic or orthotic specialist as close to you as possible is so important. Lawall’s Springfield location helps make it more convenient for our patients by putting them in closer proximity to the kind of professional care that they deserve.

Our Springfield location is staffed with some of the best prosthetists and orthotists. Our practioners take pride in understanding and being certified in the latest developments in the field. We believe modern technology can help provide the best results for our patients, and we strive to utilize this latest technology when it is appropriate.

Our professional team handles evaluations, fittings and adjustments of your device at our Springfield office. We aim to eliminate the need for our patients to travel great distances to have their needs met. We strive to make everything easier on you and your family. Our team is committed to ongoing care, and we regularly sit in on physical therapy sessions to make sure your device is working the way it should. We involve your entire care team in our treatment, and our centralized location makes it easier to do so.

Lawall is proud to offer pediatric orthotic and prosthetic devices in addition to our devices for adults, and we treat our young patients with extra care to ensure they get the kind of devices that work for them. We have pediatric experts on staff who fully understand the joy and complications that arise when working with our pediatric patients.

We are also in the cutting edge of new developments with the field of orthotics and prosthetics. Our practioners believe in using the most advanced technology on our patients and giving them every advantage possible.

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