Spinal Orthotic Devices

Spinal orthotics are one of the most common and most important types of devices used in the field. Pain, fractures, and scoliosis, are just some of the issues that can be helped through the use of different spinal orthoticspinal devices. There are numerous spinal devices available both custom and off the shelf. Our skilled practitioners will begin your treatment with a complete evaluation to determine which type of device is right for you.

Once they’ve made this determination and consulted with your care team, the next step will be to measure you for the appropriate device. We will also explain how to use and care for the device. Each spinal orthosis is different, with different designs and different goals. Here are some of the options you may be fitted for.

  • LSO – A Lumbar Supporting Orthotic is designed to help provide support to the lumbar region of the spine or lower back. It’s often used for pain relief as well as for stabilization after a surgical procedure. Injured ligaments, herniated discs, and degenerative diseases are all issues where a LSO may be helpful.LSO-Bivalve
  • TLSO – The thoracolumbar sacral orthosis brace, or TLSO for short, is larger than the LSO and encompasses the entire back instead of just the lumbar region. It’s used to help patients recover from injuries, heal following surgery, help correct scoliosis, and more. There are two types of TLSO braces – rigid and semi-rigid. The rigid version completely restricts movement, while a semi-rigid will allow some flexibility to take place.orthotics-spinal
  • CTLSO – The Cervical-Thorasic-Lumbar-Sacral Orthosis is usually used in the “Minerva Brace” design. A Minerva helps to stabilize the neck and back after trauma, surgery, and other similar situations. It uses four separate pieces including a head, chin, front, and back piece to maximize stability.
  • Cervical Collar – The cervical collar is used by emergency personnel following accidents, but is also implemented on a regular basis by orthotic professionals. The collar supports a neck and head and restricts movement in the neck. Turning, raising, or lowering the head is difficult or impossible with this brace, the brace is used to prevent further damage to the neck.

When using a spinal orthosis the proper fit is vital in the success of these devices. No matter the situation, our team of professionals will take the time to ensure that the right spinal support device is used in your recovery.


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