Upper Extremity Orthotics

upper-extremity-orthoticsDegenerative disease, birth defects, injuries, and surgeries can all lead to things like pain or discomfort, muscle weakness, a decrease in joint range of motion, and more. Orthotics can help improve mobility, reduce pain, and ensure that your body heals properly following surgery. Upper extremity orthotics, addresses issues with the wrists, elbows, shoulders, and more.

Our team of orthotic professionals is experienced at helping patients deal with a wide range of issues. We begin by determining which type of upper extremity orthotic device is right for you. We offer everything from simple resting hand splints to the most advanced devices like power driven hinges, which utilize a motor to mobilize your joint. For example, some of the devices we offer include:

  • Wrist Cock Up Splints – Wrist injuries often require immobilization, and the cock-up wrist splint is one of the best options in these cases. It holds the wrist in a functional position, giving it time to heal itself.
  • Resting Hand Splints – Resting hand splints help control issues with the wrist, hand, or thumb by treating mild to moderate levels of flexion contractures. They’ll need to be worn consistently, and a proper fit is important.
  • Post Op Elbow Braces – These braces are used to help maintain the proper positioning of the elbow following surgery. They’re an important part of the recovery process. They allow the amount of motion the elbow is permitted to be controlled as the joint heals.
  • Don Joy SCOI – This brace is also referred to as the ‘gunslinger’ due to the position it holds the arm in. It’s mainly used following prosthetic shoulder replacements, rotator cuff surgery, and other surgical procedures that require specific positioning to be maintained during the healing process.orthotics-upper-extremity
  • Shoulder Abduction Splints – This is yet another type of device that is used to help patients recover from major shoulder surgery. This type of splint can be as simple a cushion that the arm rests on, making it more comfortable to keep the arm in the proper spot during recovery. Or as involved as an “airplane splint,” which holds the shoulder at a 90 degree angle. This type of splint typically comes with a joint that will allow the position of the shoulder to be adjusted throughout the healing process.
  • Fracture Braces – After a fracture, immobilization will be needed. These braces are more comfortable and lighter than a cast. However, the function is the same as a cast in that they provide the immobilization needed to ensure proper healing.

Whether you’ve been injured, gone through surgery, or had some other type of upper extremity issue, our professional practitioners will help. They will spend the time to make sure you get the right device for your situation, and will help you throughout your recovery


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