Cranial Molding Helmets have effectively and painlessly reshaped over 100,000 infants heads for the treatment of deformational plagiocephaly, brachycephaly, scaphocephaly and other head shape asymmetries in infants ages 3-18 months for over the past 13 years and is cleared by the FDA.

Lawall’s custom Cranial Molding Helmet is used to gently shape the infant’s head into a more proportional and round shape as the infant’s head grows. The helmet leaves a void over the flat areas of the head promoting growth and contacts the more rounded areas of the head discouraging growth. The helmet does not put pressure on an infant’s head therefore, it is painless.

pediatrics-cranial-molding-helmetsPositional plagiocephaly, also known as deformational plagiocephaly or flathead syndrome, is a condition found in infants described as having a flat spot on the back or side of the infant’s head. This flattened area is caused by staying in one position for very long periods of time. Since physicians started recommending infants sleep on their backs, to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), the condition has become more common.

Lawall uses the STARscanner™ laser data system, which significantly improves the orthotic treatment of cranial asymmetry in infants. The technology reduces the amount of time it takes a patient to receive the device by 50%. It also eliminates the need to take a mold of the child’s head, which can be upsetting for the infant.

The STARscanner™ uses Type I lasers (eye-safe lasers) to scan the exact 3D shape and size of the infant’s head. The measurements are extremely accurate and are used to fabricate the infant’s custom Cranial Molding Helmet. The scanning process only last for two seconds. The infant usually wears the helmet for 3 to 4 months, but varies depending on the infant’s age and severity of cranial asymmetry.

We are now able to compare and track the infant’s improvement. The STARscanner’s™ has software that produces a detailed summary report of the infants progress. This report is given to the the infant’s pediatrician, the insurance company, and the parents.

Lawall makes wearing the Cranial Molding Helmet more fun by providing them in a variety of colors and designs. We have everything from race cars, spaceships, and soccer balls, to butterflies and animals. These designs allow the child to express their personality and make it more enjoyable to wear.


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