Lawall has made the wearing and caring for an infant’s Cranial Molding Helmet easy to understand. A person’s head develops about eighty five percent in the first year, so it’s easy to see why early intervention can successfully round out the shape of an infant’s head. By gently preventing excessive growth in some directions and at the same time encouraging growth into the special areas built into the Cranial Molding Helmet, a rounder and more balanced shape is easily accomplished.

The more closely these guidelines are followed, the better the outcome will be. Committing to this process will bring the best results possible for the infant.pediatrics-wear-care-information-guidlines-parents

Here are the most commonly asked questions regarding the wear and care of Cranial Molding Helmets:

1. Will the infant’s Cranial Molding Helmet feel uncomfortable?

It is designed to be secure and comfortable but not snug and uncomfortable.

2. Will the treatment interrupt the family’s life?

The family of the infant will be able to enjoy their activities during the treatment. There will be a schedule to be followed so the infant will gradually become use to wearing the Cranial Molding Helmet. In the beginning they may not want to wear it just because it is something new, but in time they will get use to wearing it. Staying with the schedule is very important. Soon the infant will be able to wear it while playing, eating, and sleeping.

3. Will the Cranial Molding Helmet cause the infant’s head to perspire?

Yes, especially during the first few weeks the infant’s head will perspire. The parents will need to wash the Cranial Molding Helmet a few times a day for the first couple of weeks, but know sweating will decrease usually by the end of the third week.

4. Why is it so important keep the Cranial Molding Helmet clean?

It helps get rid of bacteria that could cause skin irritation.

5. Just how long will the infant have to wear the Cranial Molding Helmet?

The infant wears the Cranial Molding Helmet for twenty three hours a day. The length of the treatment is determined by the age of the infant and the amount of correction needed. Usually the treatment last three to four months.

6. Will it make a difference if the infant has additional breaks from the Cranial Molding Helmet?

We understand how tough it is for the infant to wear the Cranial Molding Helmet for twenty three hours a day. Removing it for any longer will delay treatment and reduce the chance of a positive outcome. It will be difficult but by staying on the schedule, the infant will benefit and the parents will see the results.


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