Head Shapes And Diagnosis – Before And After

In the months after the birth of your baby, he or she will go through a lot of changes. Their bodies and minds are constantly developing following birth, and it’s often surprising to notice the different ways they change. Infants are born with a skull that isn’t fully formed. As they age, their skull will gradually complete its formation. In most cases there are no problems, but on occasion issues like Plagiocephaly may occur. These structural abnormalities can be mild to severe, and when a parent notices the issue they need to seek help to correct it.

pediatrics-head-shapes-diagnosis-before-afterBefore you arrive, your suspicions may be raised if your child seems to have a flat spot on one side or on the back of their head. This flat spot may be easy to notice, or it may be faint. For many parents, taking photos of their child’s head from all angles and then comparing them to the baby’s head at a later date is the first sign that something may be wrong.

We begin our initial evaluation by taking the time to carefully diagnosis your infant. We do so primarily with the latest technology available – the STARscanner laser imaging device. This simple device is painless for your baby, and we place them into the device and capture numerous images of their skull with totally safe laser technology.

Our professional team has an average of 15 years’ experience in the field of orthotics, including the pediatric field. With these initial scans – as well as a physical examination – our team will determine if a problem is present.

If so, we have various options that can help. Cranial molding helmets are the most common, and can easily begin correcting the issue. Within 3 to 4 months most babies will be able to stop use of the helmet.

Throughout the recovery stage our practitioners will monitor your baby. Another scan may be used near the end of the 4 month period, but results are generally clear the moment the helmet is removed. A more natural, rounded shape will be apparent in the head and the flat spot will be gone. The subsequent STARscanner scan will give our team a look at the skull itself and allow them to ensure that the plates have fused properly. If so, chances are that your child will be given the all-clear and be able to continue their childhood without any additional problems.


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