Schedule An Evaluation For Your Child

Whether your child’s pediatrician has suggested that you see an orthotic professional or you just feel like there’s an issue that needs to be addressed, the first step towards getting your little one the recovery they need will be to schedule an evaluation for them. Even if you only have a vague suspicion that a problem may be present, letting our professionals take a look at your little one can help ease your mind or help identify a potential issue.

You can schedule an evaluation w in any of our offices throughout the region. With 15 different locations it’s easy to find one of our practices nearby your home. We’ll work to schedule you for the earliest date possible so we can get started quickly on helping your child. We also include your child’s rehabilitation team and physician in our evaluations, using their information and opinions as we form our decision on what orthotic devices may be right for your little one.

The evaluation itself isn’t painful and will involve a combination of things including basic questions, a review of current information, a physical examination, and more. We may also need to use scans and tests like laser imaging, x-rays, and more to get a closer look at the muscular or skeletal structure of your child. We use all of the tools available to us to make an initial diagnosis and to determine which type of orthosis or prosthesis is needed.

Your initial evaluation is certainly important, but we also schedule multiple follow up evaluations in the weeks and months following our first encounter with you and your child. The reason is simple – children grow and develop quickly, and as they do so it’s important that their device continues to work for them. Just like a pair of shoes, children outgrow an orthosis or prosthesis periodically. We make sure that they’re always using the right device to ensure that their recovery continues the way it should.

We work hard to make sure your child has the future that they deserve. From the first evaluation to the last, our team of professionals is a part of your child’s recovery. It all starts with the initial visit, and we make it easy and convenient to schedule an evaluation no matter the age of your child or your location. We’ve proudly served the Northeast for over 35 years and recently opened an office in the Nemours Children’s Hospital in Orlando, FL. We are ready to help your family the way we’ve helped so many others.


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