The new developments in the field of prosthetics are simply amazing. Prostheses are getting closer to mimicking the anatomical parts they are designed to replace. Advances in technology are creating more efficient, safer, and intelligent prostheses. This allows patients to do the things they love with more confidence and ease. Lawall practioners are passionate about new technology. We pride ourselves on being up to date with the latest advancements in the field.

X3 Microprocessor Kneeprosthetics-technology-advanced

The newest and most durable microprocessor knee unit now available. Otto Bock and the military have teamed up to create a knee suitable for soldiers to return to active duty if desired. Some of its most notable features are its suitability for running and sports and the fact that it is waterproof. This knee unit can be completely submerged. This knee is allowing patients to break barriers they haven’t been able to before.

Helix 3D Hip Joint System

The Helix 3D Hip Joint System is designed to give hip dislocation and hemipelvectomy patients the highest level of stability and the greatest mobility. . It creates a 3D movement of the hip to offset the rotation of the pelvis and give a more natural looking walk. It also makes daily activities easier such as tying shoe laces or getting in and out of a car.

Genium Kneeadvanced-technology

The Genium Knee has a 300 lb weight limit, is splash resistant, smaller in size than the previous microprocessor knee units, has a battery that lasts up to five days and a charger that connects to the back of the knee with magnets, which helps when charging the device through clothing and the cosmetic cover. The Genium microprocessor knee is based on new technology that collects a greater amount of microprocessor inputs, which results in a more intuitive response.

Bikini of Hip Sockets

This hip socket design by Martin Bionics of Innovation is the lowest profile hip socket available.  It is designed to provide patients with greater comfort, control and functionality.  Pictures of this socket can be found in our picture gallery or at

Symbionic Legsymbionic-lrg-proprio-foot

The Symbionic Leg is the first bionic leg. It is unique because it combines a powered ankle with a microprocessor knee unit. Patients can now dorisflex their ankle, which decreases the risk of falling. Synbionic leg users report more confidence and greater stability when ambulating.

Proprio Foot

The Proprio Foot mimics anatomical ankle movement. This reduces the chance of trips and falls by lifting the toe. It also rests flat on the floor when in a seated position, and provides the patient with a smooth and natural transition to standing . Furthermore, the foot lessens the strain placed on the knees, back, and hips. Its ability to adapt to different terrains helps provide more stability and comfort when moving on slopes or stairs. With the proprio foot patients are now free to wear different shoe styles, because of its ability to accommodate for different heal heights.

Harmony Systemharmony-prosthetic

The Harmony System is a vacuum system that reduces the amount of air between the socket and the liner, through the use of a pump and exhaust valve. The system is activated every step the patient takes. The harmony system minimizes limb volume changes throughout the day, improves blood circulation, adjusts suspension, reduces shock impact, torsion and external forces on the socket. Reducing the amount of air between the socket and liner increases the patient’s ability to sense what their prosthetic foot is doing and thereby increasing safety in daily activities.

Utah Armadvanced-technology-prosthetics-biontics

The Utah Arm is made for patients who need a prosthesis above the elbow. It consist of an elbow, wrist and hand. The Utah Arm was an exciting development because it gives patients the ability to simultaneously control the hand and elbow from different input sources. Depending on the patient’s presentation the prosthesis can be controlled using touch pads, electrodes, force sensors, and potentiometers.


The i-Limb is one of the most advanced upper extremity prostheses available. It allows patients to have several grip patterns and more ability for movement. The i-limb ultra revolution is the most adaptable and skillful prosthetic hand. It has capabilities far beyond all others because the digits of the i-limb ultra revolution are combined with a powered rotating thumb.


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